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  1. The Huskarl is the unique unit of the Goths in Age of Empires II. It is an infantry unit that is almost immune to archer fire. Huskarls can be upgraded to Elite Huskarls in the Imperial Age. 1 Tactics 2 Further statistics 3 Civilization bonuses 4 Team bonuses 5 Changelog 5.1 The Age of Kings 5.2 The Conquerors 5.3 The African Kingdoms 5.4 Definitive Edition 6 Trivia 7 History 8 Gallery 9 Video.
  2. 1 Involvement 2 Appearances 3 Strategy 4 Notes Huskarls are robotic enemies encountered in the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite DLC for Borderlands 3. Huskarls are only encountered during fight with the Valkyrie Squad. Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Main article: Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite (mission) Huskarl's name is based off the huscarl, non-servile manservant or household.
  3. Hird (isländska hirð, av anglosaxiska hīred, hushållsfölje) avser i fornnordisk dikt och historia en härskares personliga skara krigare eller huskarlar.Hirden förekommer i de flesta större diktverk från det nordliga germanska området, från Beowulf till Eddan.Hirdmännen tjänstgör som knektar under sin herre under ett slags frivillig pliktöverenskommelse
  4. The Huskarl is a Norse Heroic Age infantry unit. It is trained at the Hill Fort and is a heavy counter to archers. 1 Attack bonuses 2 Upgrades and God Bonuses 2.1 Specific 2.2 General 3 Strategy 4 History 5 Gallery Archers: ×2 Cheiroballista: ×0.75 Bravery (Tyr) increases attack by 20% and doubles attack vs buildings. Odin enables Huskarls to regenerate 0.8 HP/s when idle. Odin also.
  5. Huscarl's short height and grizzly hair suggests that he's the older one, however, by comparing both characters' faces, the Berserker has a more wrinkly visage. Some people suggest that they have roughly the same age, which seems to be the most plausible theory

The Norse Bodyguard (Huskarl) is a fifth-tier unit of the Norse troop tree. Note: Troops have a set of default stats; at the beginning of a new game, these stats are randomly adjusted for each type of troop. The following is the default set for this troop as seen within the game code and may not reflect the specific stats you will see during actual gameplay. For more information, see Troop stats En wiki (engelska: ()), från hawaiiska wiki, 'snabb', [1] är en sökbar webbplats där sidorna enkelt och snabbt kan redigeras av besökarna själva via ett webbgränssnitt. Ändringar publiceras omedelbart, utan att fördröjas av granskningsförfaranden. Uppmärkning av länkar, typografi och annan formatering görs antingen med ett speciellt märkspråk, som kallas wikikod och som är.

Housecarl (or Huscarl) is a title bestowed upon the bodyguard of an important person in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Generally excelling at physical combat, whether in ranged or melee weapons, the housecarl dedicates their entire life to protect their liege, their home, their family, and their assets. The nine Jarls of Skyrim each have a housecarl. It is common practice for Thanes to have. The Huscarls were an elite formation within the Imperial Fists Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras of the late 30th and early 31st Millenniums. They served as the Honour Guard and praetorians of the Primarch Rogal Dorn. The Huscarls were first led by Captain Archamus, who bore the honour of being the Last of the First, those Imperial Fists first created after Rogal Dorn was. Nord Huscarls are the strongestNord infantry and the only tier six troop in the game. Given their superior equipment, including the Huscarl's Round Shield, they are often regarded as the strongest melee unit available. A good number of Huscarls in a formation can even be superior to equal numbers of Swadian Knights. A notable downside to this line of troops is that they take an extremely long. In medieval Scandinavia, housecarls (Old Norse language: húskarlar, singular húskarl; also anglicised as huscarl (Old English form) and sometimes spelled huscarle or houscarl) were either non-servile manservants, or household troops in personal service of someone, equivalent to a bodyguard to Scandinavian lords and kings. This institution also existed in Anglo-Saxon England after its.

huskarl (plural huskarls) Alternative form of housecarl; Anagrams . khurals; Danish Etymology . From Old Norse húskarl. Noun . huskarl c. The Chieftain's chosen Warriors and Huscarls sit apart from the rest of the tribe... The favoured Huscarls.[2] Huscarls (occasionally spelled Huskarls)are the elite household troops of the Norse Lords. They are maintained and well equipped by their masters, and are fiercely loyal and frenzied fighters. When a Norse Lord takes to the sea, his Huscarls will go with him. They fight alongside. Huscarl is a combat skill. It allows to equip shields and use them in combat. Level 30 of Swordsman is required to learn this skill. To increase Shield mastery past level 30, Swordsman skill must be at level 60. 1 Weapons & Shields available 2 Armor available 3 Training Tips 4 Gallery 4.1.. Cannon Trooper, Huskarl | Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki. 24,567 Pages. Add new page. Card Sets The Huscarl is a well-balanced variant of the Gora. A true elite warrior, this ship can sustain heavy damage while still holding the line, and switch to a more aggresive stance with its offensive Modules. With the Gora's survivabilty and Modules geared towards sustained DPS, it's easy to understand Crom's victories

Huskarl . A huskarl is a house-carl, a household warrior or guard.It is considered a great honor to be chosen as a noble's huskarl, since that denoted being a trusted personal guard, like a bodyguard, someone with whom a noble can trust his or her very life.. The proper plural is huskarlar, but I often employ an Anglicized huskarls for clarity, especially in The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper Huskar, the Sacred Warrior, is a ranged strength hero who is an effective ganker and carry, with both great benefits and risks offered. He is known to be a powerful adversary in most games because his damage-per-second attacks can easily kill almost all heroes at any point in the game, assuming no one is nearby to save them. Unlike many other heroes, Huskar does not require much mana to use. Hazbin Hotel is an American comedy/musical adult animated web series created by Vivienne Medrano, with music scored by Gooseworx, the Living Tombstone, and songs written by Parry Gripp. The pilot episode, That's Entertainment, was released on October 28, 2019. On August 7, 2020, it was.. Huskarl Brought to you by: argp, eleftherakis, mortagon. Summary Files Reviews Support Wiki Code Menu.

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Back to the list of units The Huscarl is a melee unit from the Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! scenario in Civilization VI. Attributes: Low Production cost. Extra Combat Strength against ranged attacks. Huscarls are quick to produce, and their enhanced defense against ranged attacks represents the shield walls they form in battle. Use them to lead the charge against enemy cities, drawing their. 1 Bad against... 1.1 Others 1.2 Items 2 Good against... 2.1 Others 2.2 Items 3 Works well with... 3.1 Others 3.2 Items Huskar's damage over time gives Abaddon the opportunity to shield and heal his allies. Borrowed Time also makes Abaddon a hard support to gank, thus negating Huskar's early game dominance. Chemical Rage negates almost all damage from Burning Spears. Ice Blast prevents Huskar. plural of huskarl··indefinite genitive singular of huskarl

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The Huscarl is a tough Viking class revolved around melee. He's got a powerful special based on punting you far and dealing good damage, possibly to multiple people, and just because he lugs around a massive axe and sword and shiel, along with 8 throwing axes, don't think he's very slow, either. Their first and probably most used weapon is the two handed axe. It packs a punch, is fairly fast. The Saxon Huskarl was the elite backbone of the Saxon English military, and they served a range of roles from bodyguards to defensive positions in combat. The Huskarls were funded by a tax imposed on the peasants who made up the majority of the Saxon army. The Huskarls were most famous for their shield-wall that was put to use, notably at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 against William the. Units » Huskarl War is the trade of these professional soldiers. They train from the time they are young, making them experts on the field, but lacking in everyday skills. They can hunt, but never ask them to cook Description []. Commissioned as one of Anastasius Focht's last actions before retiring as Precentor Martial of ComStar, the Huscarl is the first Inner Sphere OmniFighter to see service with the Com Guards and the Free Rasalhague Republic's KungsArmé.. Originally intended to be used by ComStar and the modern SLDF, the budgetary constraints forced the SLDF to withdraw, with Prince Regent.

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Huskarl . In the ancient history of the dwarven people, the huskarl were the royal guard of the greatest dains. They received honor above all others and served their gods with unequaled devotion. In the dark times that followed, the huskarl became a knightly tradition for those dwarves who could prove devotion to their people and unwavering honor Notes Additional Information Huskarl Statistics Type: Warrior Level: 6600 Attack: 55 Defense: 43 Buy: edit Sell: edit Crafting Cost: edit Reverse Level: edit Reverse Cost: edit Upkeep: edit Adventure: Unlocks with Greyforge Armor Adventure: Used to Unlock Werewolf Map Greyforge Armor Werewolf Map Obtained from the Skadi's Blizzard adventure: Rescue a man fleeing a mob of werewolves! The Huscarls were the elite Terminator bodyguards of Primarch Rogal Dorn during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.. Since the influx of Primaris Space Marines into the ranks of the Imperial Fists, the Huscarls have been reconstituted by order of Roboute Guilliman.The new Huscarls, however, focus on organizing the defense of Imperial worlds Huskarl comes from the Scandinavian Federation, specifically from Stockholm. He was born into a family that worked a frankly drek job, though it was definitely better than most people lives. His family was made up of him, his father and mother, as well as his little brother, Eric. Project HUSKARL was a short-lived but influential program begun by the Valhallan Defence Forces with the goal of creating biochemically augmented supersoldiers in preparation for an expected conflict with the UNSC. First started in May 2555, a group of 32 suitable volunteers were selected from the Jaeger Regiment and were put through the process of augmentation. Ultimately, while meeting.

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A huscarl, in Anglo-Saxon society, was a class of household troops and bodyguards which would protect nobles and kings. King Canute's conquest of England in 1016 led to the introduction of huscarls to England from Scandinavia, and the huscarls were the most loyal soldiers of any Anglo-Saxon army. In 1066, they protected King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings against William the. Old Norse huskarl = 'house-carle, manservant' Related Names. Húskarl ♂ Statistics Name Count per Country (What's this?) Please turn your device to landscape orientation for better view of statistics tables and graphs. Country. Commonness. Commonness. Total Female This page was last edited on 29 June 2015, at 17:18. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors Cannon Trooper, Huskarl Gallery - Tips - Rulings - Lores. Cannon Trooper, Huskarl Gallery - Tips - Rulings - Lores. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki. 21,920 Pages. Add new page.

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Housecarls are the personal bodyguards appointed to jarls and their thanes (if any) in Skyrim.Housecarls are free men and women who are voluntarily sworn to protect their masters with their own lives. Almost every jarl and thane in the province of Skyrim has their own personal housecarl that is often by their side Huscarls are a type of melee infantry in Medieval II: Total War. These Axe-wielding men are an elite body of professional troops loyal to royal families. Armed with a two-handed axe and mail they present stiff opposition to all who oppose them. Huscarls, or Housecarls (lit. House Man) as they are commonly known now, served as the menservants of lesser Saxon Barons and Lords. They were the. For the Age of Mythology unit, see Huskarl (Age of Mythology). The Huskarl is the Gothic unique unit in Age of Empires II. They are infantry units that are almost immune to archer fire

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  1. In the embrace of great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once feared: Death. Kulvain Hestarius of the Death Guard The Death Guard are one of the Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines. They worship and devote themselves exclusively to the Chaos God Nurgle and as a result of his mutational gifts they have become Plague Marines.
  2. Units » Huskarl III War is the trade of these professional soldiers. They train from the time they are young, making them experts on the field, but lacking in everyday skills. They can hunt, but never ask them to cook
  3. In medieval Scandinavia, husmän (Old Norse: húskarlar, singular húskarl; also anglicised as housecarl huscarl (Old English form) and sometimes spelled huscarle or houscarl) were either non-servile manservants or household troops in personal service of someone, equivalent to a bodyguard to Scandinavian lords and kings. (Wikipedia) Meeble Burrows Grannus (NM) - Assistant Expedition 5 (Batallia

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Please head to the community portal to discuss whether this wiki should merge with Fandom's Diablo community. Huscarl. From Diablo Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. OUTDATED: The information on this page was removed during development and is no longer present in Diablo III Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl Genre: Shoot 'em up / Manic shooter Release: March 5, 2012 Developer(s): Okisoft Publisher: Okisoft Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl is a fangame of Galaxy Angel, and is set year 423 (Transbaal Calendar Year). In this game you play as a protangonist known as Huskarl Terra. To download this game, click this link. Contents[show] Plot Year 423, planet Transbaal is getting. 1 Weapons 1.1 Knives 1.2 One-handed swords 1.3 Two-handed swords 1.4 One-handed axes 1.5 Two-handed axes 1.6 One-handed blunts 1.7 Two-handed blunts 1.8 Two-handed spears 1.9 Bows 2 Resources 2.1 Wood Sickle Iron Knife Hunting Knife Peasant's Knife Butcher's Knife Bandit's Knife Warrior's Knife Thug's Dagger Well-ballanced Dagger Battle Dagger War Dagger Well-ballanced War Dagger Simple Sword.

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Valahir Veteran Huskarle are the household troops of Aethling Siguard and fief defenders of Valahir Clan Valahir Huskarlar are sixth-tier troops of the Valahir Clan For other uses, see Lydia. Lydia is a Nordhousecarl obtained upon completion of the quest Dragon Rising. She receives the title of Housecarl from Balgruuf the Greater in Dragonsreach,1 immediately after the Dragonborn is promoted to the title of Thane. As Housecarl, she is sworn to protect the Dragonborn with her life, and to carry their burdens.2 She is a follower, as well as a marriage.

Notes Additional Information Loyal Huskarl Statistics Type: Warrior Level: edit Attack: 235 Defense: 118 Buy: edit Sell: edit Crafting Cost: edit Reverse Level: edit Reverse Cost: edit Upkeep: edit This item is purchased with Favor Points I2 Nord Huskarl. Arms: Jomsviking Axe, Light Throwing Axes, Pict Sword, Long Seax Armor: Green Patterned Lamellar Armor, Nord Shoes, Small Iron Spangen Helmet, Blue Patterned Lamellar Armor, Small Blue Spangen Helmet Upgrades to: A3 Nord Gesith I3 Nord Gridman

Huskar is a character in Dota 2. He is very strong and muscular and relies on low health to perform well strangely. He has four abilities. Emerging from the throes of the sacred Nothl Realm, Huskar opened his eyes to see the prodigal shadow priest Dazzle working a deep incantation over him. Against the ancient rites of the Dezun Order, Huskar's spirit had been saved from eternity, but like. Husk is the front desk clerk and bartender at the Happy Hotel. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Natural Abilities 3.2 Skillset 3.3 Unique Abilities 4 Galleries 5 Trivia 6 References Husk is an anthropomorphic cat with a casino playing-card theme. His fur is taupe-colored, overlayed with white fur on his face, torso, feet, and upper arm. He has long red eyebrows with dark red vertical. Huscarls (aka Normans) appear to be a stronger version of the commonViking Infantrywith improved shields, more health and throwing axes. They have an axe which can be thrown for once, which has a surprisingly flexible range. After throwing their axe, they will use sword like a Infantry. They usually appear in groups of 3 or 5, occasionally as single units or in groups of 8. Basic counter. En huskarl har gått i hird hos en gårdsherre eller furste och tjänar honom. En huskarl har inte avlagt ett fullvärdigt hirdlöfte och tjänar inte på livstid. Kan inte vara en karaktärs andra stig Nord Huscarl requires 100, 105, 110, or 185 Energy to fight and is an enemy appearing in the following locations: The enemy's deck has

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The Huscarl's Round Shield is the main shield of the Fierdsvain Huscarl.This is a holdover from vanilla Mount and Blade and still is one of the better shields in Pendor, easily equivalent to, if not better than, some of the shields used by Pendor's Knighthood Orders.While it is outclassed by Noldor shields as well as the Fierdsvain's own Kraken Shield, this is a fine placeholder while you. HUSKARL . In the ancient history of the dwarven people, the huskarl were the royal guard of the greatest dors. They received honor above all others and served their gods with unequaled devotion. In the dark times that followed, the huskarl became a knightly tradition for those dwarves who could prove devotion to their people and unwavering honor

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Huskarl These are the trained fighting men and women kept as personal retainers for the nobility throughout the northern lands. Unlike the soldiers bound by comitatus and thrallage, these are professional troops that utilize education, talent, training, and experience for a more refined sort of warfare from the impassioned warcries and bloodlust of the Berserker Forged Spirit of the Undying Huscarl armor set is a level 50, red quality 7-piece set for the Champion class with the Cybernetic Alignment. Forged Spirit of the Undying Huscarl (7) 2: Mastery: Kinship of Gungnir +1 4: Mastery: Tree of Raining-Iron +1 6: Mastery: Valiants Might +1 7: Mastery: Champion Skill Tree +1 Contents[show] Helmet = Tattooed Scalp-Plate of the Undying Huscarl Craft. Keep of the Huscarl King, a Pathfinder Society scenario for tier 1-5 written by Jesse Benner, was released in April 2011. Information in the Shadow Lodge headquarters in Whitethrone leads you into the Realm of the Mammoth Lords in search of an abandoned tower of a lost Ulfen king

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord Wiki Guide: Monsters, Weapons, Walkthrough, Armor, Skills, Palicoes, Items and more Diablo III is an installment in the Diablo series.After years of rumors, the game was officially announced on June 28, 2008 at 12.18 in the afternoon (CEST) at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris (WWI08), France.. The game was launched on May 15, 2012.12:01 AM PST

Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki Galaxy Angel Wiki The Project G.A. resource that anyone can edit Major Categories Real-world Helping out To write a new article, just enter the title in the box below. Not sure where to start? Find out more about the wiki on the About page. If you are new to wikis, check out the tutorial. Check out Help:Starting this wiki if you're setting up the wiki. Remember to visit the Manual of Style. Huskarl Axe is unusual, unwieldy and has slightly different uses than normal, therefore it cannot be used without special training. A Huskarl Axe may be used as a two-handed weapon. Huskarl Axe Of Kings and Men CombinationPrime CombinationPrime CombinationPrime 2013-04-26T12:31:29Z 2013-04-26T13:51:06Z Stenen. Stenen är av granit och 163 cm hög, 95 cm bred och 20-30 cm tjock. Den är vänd mot norr och har en vertikalslinga med runhöjden sju cm. Större delen av dess ornamentik har vittrat bort. Av kvarvarande text att döma så kan det vara frågan om en upprest gravhäll eller en gravsten som är placerad här på gamla kyrkogården. Personen som vilat under stenen uppges vara huskarl Huskarl. This is the Eternal Era special note This is the viking special note... Information. Advances from: Valnir: Advances to:.

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Description. Dreyrugr Huskarl are special Impaler variants of Draug, whose main purpose seems to be to escort and protect the Dreyrugr Lord as he is walking around the eastern side of Kraken Cove near Devore Bridge.A pair of Huskarl can always be found with their lord. The Huskarl are considered Swarm monsters since they will attack together. However, it is virtually impossible to split the. Category:Huskarl (musical group) From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Media in category Huskarl (musical group) The following 5 files are in this category, out of 5 total. 02018 0750 Huskarl (musical group).jpg 4,175 × 2,783; 4.03 MB Gamer Escape: Gaming News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcasts Gaming Community featuring News, Reviews, Wikis, and Podcast Har avlagt fullvärdiga hirdlöften och därmed svurit en gårdsherre eller furste trohet för livet. Fullvärdig medlem av hirden. Vid sidan av stomhirdar det närmaste Stormländerna kommer professionella och stående krigsfolk. Huskarl Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Celtic-Heroes-Fanatics Wiki. 917 Pages. Add new page. Database. General Info. Areas; Worlds; Skullcrusher Huskarl. Edit.

Noregr Huscarl | Nova Aetas Warband Mod Wiki | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Nova Aetas Warband Mod Wiki. 141 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed. Notes: All Rotting Huskarl in the area link regardless of distance away; pet pulling does not work. Warriors will not link with black mages and vice versa The Dwarf Guilds are a faction from the Grimdark Future universe. 1 Heroes 2 Infantry 3 Walkers 4 See Also 5 External Links Guild Lord Guild Lord in Power Suit Guild Lord on Combat Bike Engineer Dwarf Warriors Miners Veterans Elites Power Suits Dwarf Walker Dwarf Guilds Dwarf Guilds/Tactics Dwarf Guilds/Quickplay Armies Grimdark Future Grimdark Future: Firefight OPR Official Website OPR Patreo

The Nordic Huscarl is the sixth tier infantry unit in the Nordic Union Troop Tree. Armed with Knight Armor, one of the best pieces in the game, and a heavy armor helmet, they are deadly. They wield large two handed axes, with a shield and sword arrangement too. Their shield is not nearly as good as their counterparts, the Noregr Huscarl, and combat between the two could go either way. Even so. From Banner Saga Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. You achieved an Elo Rating of 1400! How to get it [edit | edit source] Get Elo Rating at least at 1400 by playing Ranked Matches. v.

The Viking Faction Expansion is basically the name. It is an expansion of the Viking faction with 7 more units. Below you can find all the contents of the expansion. Units Marauder, Huskarl, Warhammer, Waraxe, Konungr, Thor, Odin (unreleased 1 One Handed 1.1 One Handed Axes 1.2 One Handed Maces 1.3 One Handed Spears 1.4 One Handed Swords 1.5 One Handed Shields 2 Two Handed 2.1 Two Handed Daggers 2.2 Two Handed Great Axes 2.3 Two Handed Maces 2.4 Two Handed Spears 2.5 Two Handed Swords 3 Ranged 3.1 Bows 3.2 Projectiles 3.3 Throwing Axes 3.4 Orbs 4 Others 4.1 Truncheons 4.2 Hallowed 4.3 Explosives 4.4 Siege Weapons 5 Notes 6 Media 7. Nord Huscarl (Wandering Enemy) requires 5 Energy to fight and is a random encounter in The Savage North. You can win Axed Skulls as part of the victory loot

Category:Unlanded Huscarl | Zygethia Wiki | Fandom. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Zygethia Wiki. 34 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. In the Ingame Wiki, there are a Troops called Huskarl, but no one uses them? Checking the game files, it shows, that the huskarl_swordsman is in a tab of region to be erased. So are they something that was planned or ar they just the Background Characters of Sturgian Nobles during talking on the Map

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They are the most disobedient, foolhardy, madmen of the Astra Militarum... However, they were an integral force that turned the tide of the battle. At no point did they EVER turn their back to the enemy, pushing forward with no regard to their own lives. It was as if the Emperor himself willed their survival. Colonel from the Cadian Shock Troops reporting the effectiveness of the Midgardian. Om filmen. Selkvinnen regisserades av Lauritz Falk och Per Gunnar Jonson och var deras första och enda film tillsammans som regissörer. Falk stod för diastruktionerna och Jonson för den tekniska regin. Bjarne Hansen bistod dem som regiassistent. Filmen producerades av Janus-Film AS med Leif Sinding som produktionschef, Borgwall Skaugen som teknisk ledare och Odd Rohde som. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file

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