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Navit is an open source navigation system with GPS tracking. It works great with a Raspberry Pi, a GPS module and a small TFT with touch, jut like the official Raspberry Pi Display or PiScreen. In this guide, we will be using Make a GPS Navigation System for a Boat with a Raspberry Pi May 03, 2016 by Jens Christoffersen If you are a boat owner, I'll guess you've seen some of the prices on the chart plotters and navigation tools. Some of them are pretty expensive. In this article I'll show you how I deal with that How to Setup GPS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ In this tutorial we will show you how to install and use an external GPS receiver for the raspberry pi. GPS is a.. DIY car navigation on Raspberry Pi with OpenMapTiles. Published Oct 08, 2018 What started as a need for a rear camera for older car turned into a complete car system. Fabrice Aneche builds own car navigation with Raspberry Pi using OpenMapTiles as a base map in his spare time as a do-it-yourself project Locating your Raspberry Pi via GPS can be useful in a wide variety of applications and many different projects. GPS modules are usually quite cheap and very easy to set up. However, the cheap devices usually require a long time to collect enough data and the reception can be poor, especially indoors

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  1. I2C-GPS NAV navigation GPS Module For Raspberry Pi (7.99$) You can easily get all the GPS data via the I2C bus as the onboard 328P Microcontroller speeds up the communication. The small module accompanied by its connectivity leads as well. Available Here. 5
  2. It incorporates a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, dAISy AIS receiver HAT, USB GPS module, and touchscreen display, all hooked up to his boat. Perfect for navigating the often foggy San Francisco Bay, the chartplotter allows James to track the position, speed, and direction of major vessels in the area, superimposed over high-quality NOAA nautical charts
  3. Since we are using a Raspberry Pi with this GPS module, we'll need to have access to the Raspberry Pi's UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) interface. The details of why we're using this protocol extend far beyond the scope of this project
  4. The Raspberry Pi is ideally suited to serve as the basis for a low-cost navigation system. OpenCPN software and a GPS receiver are all you need to add. The previous article in this series [1] described using the Raspberry Pi as a multimedia center for a boat
  5. Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and (11,354) Robot Car - download (E-Book 2016) (10,399) Stepper motor 28BYJ-48 - ULN2003A controller (9,725) Discoverer remote controlled robot with a Raspberry Pi (8,646) SainSmart 6-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm - Raspberry Pi (8,067) Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and.
  6. VK-162 G-Mouse USB GPS Dongle Navigation Module External GPS Antenna Remote Mount USB GPS Receiver for Raspberry Pi Support Google Earth Window Linux Geekstory. 4.5 out of 5 stars 102. $17.49 $ 17. 49. Get it as soon as Fri, Nov 20. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon

Make a GPS Navigation System for a Boat with a Raspberry Pi

  1. TFTs on the Raspberry Pi. PiScreen - 3.5 TFT(480x320) with touch control for the Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter launched; Raspberry Pi with a 3.2 TFT with Touch control (Part 2) Raspberry Pi with a 1.8 TFT shield; Raspberry Pi with a 2.2 TFT; Raspberry Pi, 1.8 TFT, RF Receiver and Temperature Sensor; Raspberry Pi and TFT Displa
  2. GPS Tracking Webpage Hardware Part: So here I am going to use Raspberry Pi 3B+, but you can also use Raspberry Pi zero as in that case the size of the device will be much smaller and the procedure is the same. Also, we need to use a GPS module with Raspberry Pi. I am going to use Neo 6M GPS module as it's quite cheap and also very much accurate
  3. LIMITED TIME!!! GET MY NEW BOOK FOR $1! https://bit.ly/2nAAN5d Where am I? Does anyone have a map? Does anyone know how to read it? Yeah, me neither. Not s..
  4. How to make GPS-navigated robot-tank with Raspberry Pi. After experiments with artificial intelligence, I decided to go with an old navigation way — over GPS.. Raspberry Pi + GPS. At first, the.
  5. I have been thinking of using GPS module on my Raspberry Pi project. GPS modules are readily available on the market, one of it is u-Blox NEO-6M. Many enthusiast user uses this module for building quadcopter using Arduino, thus many of resources available on the internet is how to use the GPS module on Arduino
  6. How easy is it to get your Raspberry Pi eavesdropping on satellites 20,000 km up in the sky? Wonderfully easy thanks to Linux, and affordable thanks to Adafruit's Ultimate GPS Breakout! This quick learning guide will show you everything you need to do to add position tracking to your Pi project using the open source GPS daemon 'gpsd' and an inexpensive USB to TTL adapter cable or via direct.
  7. i-uart is now routed to GPIO14/15 as the PL011 UART is now used for bluetooth communications. The

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The 25.75€ ($29.92) add-on for Raspberry Pi B is based on the NEO-6 GPS module. With an input voltage of 3.3V and UART interface, the module returns information such as the current location and time. The add-on is also compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model B+ So at first lets talk about the hardware part. Here I will use Raspberry Pi 3 B+, but You can also use other varients like Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi 4 etc. I am using Neo 6M as GPS module because it's quite cheap and also very much accurate. Connections: Here we only need to connect the Neo 6M module with Raspberry Pi which is quite easy PI: 1x raspberry pi model B url1, url2 One micro sd card 8gb or more. One micro USB to USB cable for the power. One USB power charger of (5V 1A), one usb keyboard, one monitor with hdmi input and an HDMI cable. GPS: 1x adafruit hat for raspberry pi similarly with my implementation GPS Receiver. I would go for a generic usb GPS receiver such as the BU-353. It works with the Raspberry Pi, just like a normal linux computer. Most usb GPS receivers are just USB-to-Serial adapters that read the NMEA data from the GPS receiver. Look into pl2303 (many units i've seen use this particular chip) drivers, should be available

DIY car navigation on Raspberry Pi with OpenMapTiles

  1. 3D Printed In-Dash GPS Navigation - Raspberry Pi 3.: Waaaay back in 2009, when I was first tinkering with my Silver Jimny¹, one of the first modifications to the interior was the removal of the passenger airbag so I could fit in a laptop. The Laptop served as my navigation system.It has been over 7 y
  2. g through fun, practical projects. Join the global Raspberry Pi community
  3. Build a Raspberry Pi GPS Guided Robot with the GoPiGo. A project that shows how to build a GPS guided robot with the GoPiGo and Raspberry Pi
  4. The GPS-RTK Dead Reckoning pHAT for Raspberry Pi is available for $249.95 plus a GPS antenna. The antennas range in price from $3.95 for a Molex U.FL GNSS antenna to $64.95 for a multi-band magnetic mount antenna, which appears to be mounted to the top of the car in the image above

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The Raspberry Pi is fantastic for this task. It's small enough that it's easy to hide, and powerful enough to handle simple telemetry, dash-cam recording, GPS, and more. Thanks to AutoPi , you won't need to be deep in the bowels of your car snipping wires, either, and you can control it using a cloud-based service Raspberry Pi Voice Navigation Helping Blind People: Hi In this instructable we are going to see how a raspberry pi can help the blind people using the user-defined voice instruction.Here, With the help of the Ultrasonic sensor input to measure the distance we can voice guide the blind people to foll RASPBERRY PI - GlobalSat BU-353S4 GPS Installation. This is how we were able to install and run the GlobalSat BU-353 GPS module on our Raspberry PiFrom the 2018 Categories Raspberry Pi Tags globalsat, raspberry pi Post navigation. Previous Previous post: Clean Out Files on Raspberry Pi. Next Next post: Install SSH on UBUNTU 12.10. Search. I'm using a Raspberry Pi and i'm working on a car computer project. I'm building the interface with pygame, and the thougt of a GPS system just hit me and would be awesome. So I'm just checking if this some how is possible, or if someone knows about a similar project. I've spent some time googeling but not found anything that's interesting This page explains how to set up a Raspberry Pi 3B or Zero W so that the default serial configuration is changed to allow a GPS receiver to use the more reliable hardware serial port. The Raspberry Pi 3B and Zero W each have two serial ports. One is a hardware serial port that by default is connected to the Bluetooth module

Raspberry Pi-compatible pinout (pins 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) Compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi. Compatible with Arduino. Python library; Kit includes. PA1010D GPS Breakout; 1x5 straight male header; 1x5 right-angle female heade With its features and ease of installation we believe this is the ultimate GPS / RTC HAT for the Raspberry Pi. GPS Specifications: • 72-channel u-blox™ M8 engine • Up to 3 concurrent GNSS (BeiDou,Galileo,GLONASS,GPS/QZSS) • Default GNSS: GPS/GLONASS. • -167dBm Navigation Sensitivity • 10Hz navigation rate in multiGNSS mode, 18Hz in. What is the best accuracy a GPS or GLONASS module can get in combination with a Raspberry Pi? I need to get down to a maximum of 1m, but i only find expensive modules. I need it as a part of my diploma project and I could also make my own circuit board with a GPS chip Raspberry pi gps speedometer The speedometers shall be used to measure the speed of movement of the vehicle. GPS technology is widely used in smartphones and vehicles for navigation and traffic signals. In this project we will build an Arduino GPS speedometer using the NEO6M GPS module with OLED display Stemedu USB GPS Module Vk-162 Glonass Navigation, Works for Stratux Windows 10 Linux for Arduino Raspberry PI Google Earth,Waterproof Anti-dust Magnetic 4.5 out of 5 stars 44 £19.99 £ 19 . 9

A Raspberry Pi computer, which could be powered off the boats 12v batteries. This computer would have sensors which made sense on a boat. Certainly GPS. I'd have some software which collated the sensor data and displayed it nicely. This could plug into the onboard TV using HDMI. It would all be put into a suitable enclosure. Excellent - a plan aquarat in the Raspberry Pi forums is using the Adafruit Ultimate GPS on a Raspberry Pi, neato! Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz updates. New! Version 3 comes with the lat

Raspberry Pi in the sky: How to build this awesome $115 airplane tracker This homemade device delivers information about a plane's altitude, speed, and destination directly to your smartphone or. Wolfram Community forum discussion about Building a GPS tracker with the Raspberry Pi. Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining Wolfram Community groups relevant to your interests

The Ultimate GPS uses the following GPIO pins: TXD RXD #4 and EEDATA/EECLK Serial Console Pins The Raspberry Pi has only one serial port, and you do need serial to chat to a GPS so we will take over theRXD and TXD pins. PPS Pin GPS's can output a 'pulse per second' for synchronizing the time. We have a breakout for this and a closed jumper tha VK-162 G-Mouse USB GPS Dongle Navigation Module External GPS Antenna Remote Mount USB GPS Receiver for Raspberry Pi Support Google Earth Window Linux Geekstory. 4.5 out of 5 stars 100. $17.49 $ 17. 49. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 17. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Because of the Serial port issue of Raspberry Pi 3, Model B, it may cause unexpected problem, we suggest that you do not connect GPS module with Raspberry Pi directly with GPIO Pins. 1.You need a USB-to-TTL cable to connect GPS module and Raspberry Pi ,and you can wire it up like this chart Raspberry Pi är mini-datorn du själv bygger. Vi har färdiga paket och tillbehör redo att köpas idag! Fri frakt över 500 k

Build a Raspberry Pi chartplotter for your boat - Raspberry Pi

Building the Pi. So to begin building this time source, I used the following: Raspberry Pi 3b Board or Kit (MainBoard, power adapter, heatsinks, etc) Tall Pi Case (extra room to hold the GPS hat) 16 GB Micro sd Card; AdaFruit GPS Hat (Model FBA_2324) GPS Antenna 28 dB Gai Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and (11,351) Robot Car - download (E-Book 2016) (10,398) Stepper motor 28BYJ-48 - ULN2003A controller (9,715) Discoverer remote controlled robot with a Raspberry Pi (8,646) SainSmart 6-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm - Raspberry Pi (8,064) Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and. Posted in gps hacks, Raspberry Pi, to make an IMU to augment the GPS. That way you would still have navigation updates for a the Raspberry Pi I would like to use something like. Experimentera med enkortsdatorn Raspberry Pi. Lär dig om programmering, hårdvara & bygg projekt, du kan t.ex. använda den som webbserver. Fri frakt över 399kr This is a Raspberry Pi GNSS HAT based on MAX-7Q, which supports positioning systems including GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS.It features accurate & fast positioning with minor drifting, low power consumption, outstanding ability for anti-spoofing & anti-jamming, and so on

I'm trying to use Ublox Neo 6m GPS module in my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, running Raspbian Jessie for my project. I've connected Vcc 3.3V to GPS's VCC, Ground to Ground, RX to TXD and TX to RXD. Then I tried configuring the connection by following some tutorials, but none of them are working Using Raspberry Pi with a GPS Module After my brainstorming session ended today, I was doing some testing with a GPS and I thought, why don't I send all my on the forum? So at night when I started to drink green tea, listening to music with the air conditioning blowing a breeze, I felt good and creativ Maybe because I had all the components and I wanted to put the GPS module to use. The design is basic and revolves around four components: a GPS module, a Raspberry Pi, an 1.8 TFT LCD screen, and some push buttons for control. The goal is to build a stand alone, hand held, GPS device that will display its location on a moving map Adafruit Ultimate GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi A+/B+/Pi 2/3/Pi 4. Out of Stock. GPS Antenna - External Active Antenna - 3-5V 28dB 5 Meter SMA. $14.95. Add to Cart. SMA to uFL/u.FL/IPX/IPEX RF Adapter Cable. $3.95. Add to Cart. CR1220 12mm Diameter - 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery. $0.95. Add to Cart. Related Guide

The Raspberry Pi as a Stratum-1 NTP Server. As an experiment, I purchased one of the low-cost credit-card-size Raspberry Pi computers, and have configured it to run NTP (Network Time Protocol). I have also used this board with a GPS receiver with pulse per second (PPS) output to make a stratum-1 NTP server, but as I know little of Linux, it has taken some time to achieve this aim Generating a 3290kms route on the Raspberry pi 2 takes ~ 55s. Adding Support for UART Serial GPS connect VCC to pin 1, RX to pin 8 TX to pin 10 and Ground to pin 6 on GPIO for Pi This GPS module for Raspberry Pi 3 comes with an L80-39 GPS chip inside. It is a USB-port-GPS module that can help you communicate satellite with UART or USB. It works faster and is more stable. It comes with a Built-in LNA for better sensitivity. It also gives you benefits like ultra-low power consumption, fast positioning, etc. Available here

RaspberryPiに接続したGPSモジュールからGPSデータ(タイムスタンプ・緯度・経度)を取得して繰り返し保存するプログラムを書きました。保存されたCSVファイルのタイムスタンプを見るとおよそ1秒に1回ごとに記録されています。1秒で5回は記録したいのですが、どのように実装すればよいですか Raspberry Pi GPS and map location display. I have a GPS shield that I got a couple of years ago from friends as a gift. The shield was tucked away in my parts drawer waiting for the right time to be used in a project. I'm not sure why I decided to build this project because a hand held GPS is really quite useless these days Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy USB GPS Module Vk-162 Glonass Navigation, Works for Stratux Windows 10 Linux for Arduino Raspberry PI Google Earth, Waterproof Anti-dust Magnetic at Amazon UK

Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B This is the current Rasperry Pi 3 with the 40-pin GPIO header and Ethernet and the usual Pi experience. I have bought probably half a dozen of these fun boards. So far. This item is meant to include the power supply and the micro SD card holding the operating system. It's assumed you know how to use the Raspberry Pi. GPS-Navigator Nya produkter Kampanjer Apple. Mac iPhone iPad Apple Watch AirPods Beats by Dr. Dre Apple TV iPod touch Apple Homekit Nya produkter Kampanjer Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi & Startkit Skal och laddare LCD HAT Övriga tillbehör Filter Produktnamn. I lager i. Markera alla. Webblager Bredden. Both compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Description. If you put your Raspberry Pi or Arduino in the wild, can you track its location? If you had this GPS module, you can make it! The Grove - GPS module is a cost-efficient and field-programmable gadget armed with a SIM28 module and serial communication configuration

For the Raspberry Pi 1 or 2 (but NOT the 3!) run these commands: And for the Raspberry Pi 3 or the Pi Zero W, run these commands to use the different serial port: As with the USB example, you can test the output with: $ sudo killall gpsd $ sudo gpsd /dev/ttyAMA0 -F /var/run/gpsd.sock sudo killall gpsd sudo gpsd /dev/serial0 -F /var/run/gpsd. Expansionskort för Raspberry Pi med en NEO-6 GPS-modul. Kommunicerar via serieporten och kan användas för positionering och tidssynkronisering. Antenn medföljer. Passar på alla modeller av Raspberry Pi

GPS tracker has USB and TTL two ports, it is easy to be used with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM32 and other kind of micrcontrollers. And it is totally compatible with most of Raspberry Pi, like Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, A+, B+, Zero .etc Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits : Location / GPS - Tools Gift Certificates Arduino Cables Sensors LEDs Books Breakout Boards Power EL Wire/Tape/Panel Components & Parts LCDs & Displays Wearables Prototyping Raspberry Pi Wireless Young Engineers 3D printing NeoPixels Kits & Projects Robotics & CNC Accessories Cosplay/Costuming Halloween Reseller and School Packs. Raspberry Pi 3 B+ GPS Treasure Tracker. With the release of the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ we wanted to create a project that would use the new Pi in a fun and engaging way. So The Raspberry Pi 3B+ Treasure Tracker was born

GPS on Raspberry Pi. A global positioning system (GPS) module is a device used to determine its location on earth in terms of latitude and longitude. Since Raspberry Pi is a complete computer in itself with a stable operating system therefore connecting a GPS device to it is just like connecting it to any other computer Raspberry-pi-танк и GPS навигация. Python, Разработка под Android, Разработка робототехники, Разработка на Raspberry Pi, Робототехник The Raspberry Pi 3 uses a different tty device name than the Raspberry Pi 1 or 2. Version 3 uses ttyS0 while versions 1 and 2 use AMA0. The next few sections use the device named ttyS0; if your are not using a Pi3, then change the device name as needed Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and the RTKLIB #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi. Thanks to Ingmar for sending in this tip! Ingmar writes: I wrote a how to guide with actual seven chapters which describe step by step how to setup a differential GPS solution with the Raspberry Pi and the RTK library GPS TXD to Raspberry Pi RXD (Green) Once connected, you should be able to view the incoming stream of data. On my Raspberry Pi, the serial port is /dev/ttyS0, but yours may be different

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The Raspberry Pi chart plotter project costs approximately $350 to build and uses a Pi 3 Model B+, dAISy AIS receiver HAT, USB GPS module, and touchscreen display all of which are installed in. Jump to navigation . Raspberry Pi Gps The Raspberry Pi was not built to hit a to make it easy for the wife & mate to help with navigation during a crossing while marine grade vhf & gps that can last ages without. The Raspberry PI at work on board, in the chart table. Notice on the picture above: the slice of Pi on top of the Raspberry PI, hosting the battery monitoring device, and the small breadboard, with a BMP180 PCB plugged in it, and connected to the Slice of Pi. We'll talk more about those two later in this document The Raspberry Pi can also be used as a micro-controller, but it has a lot more functions because it runs an operating system. A true micro-controller is e.g. the Arduino. It can, for example, also read analog sensors. The Arduino can also be operated very easily on and with the Raspberry Pi, e.g. via USB or 433 MHz or 2.4 GHz radio

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BN-180 GPS Module UART TTL Dual Glonass GPS Car Navigation + GPS Antenna for Arduino Raspberry Pi Pixhawk Aircraft CC3D F3 Flight Controller Geekstory 4.5 out of 5 stars 64. CDN$21.49. Robojax NEO-6M GPS Module with Antenna 4.4 out of 5 stars 9. CDN$15.52.. 2) I have Raspberry Pi 3, can I do this course? Of-course Yes!! The project can be completed on any version of Raspberry Pi. 3) What if I get stuck and need technical help? Still have doubts, feel free to drop a mail at - [email protected] Learn to build a fully functional GPS tracking system from scratch After trying 3 cards on 2 pi 3's and 1 pi 2 and which all gave same troublem, even without a gps actually connected I finally came to this solution which works for me. Switch off hotplugging by changing gpsd file to USBAUTO=false When Raspberry-Pi is running start xps and only then the system clock updates to GPS time A ver si puedo ayudarte. Por favor dime que modelo de Raspberry usas, marca de gas, y si has seguido todos los pasos. Este post es sobre como instalar un gps, pero quizás te vaya mejor seguir los pasos de otro post parecido que hice sobre como Convertir una Raspberry Pi en un servidor NTP Stratum 1, ya que allí usaba un gps usb

Precise GPS GNSS positioning with a Raspberry Pi and the

Hade du bara haft en sån här GPS-hatt skulle du vetat på metern när! En hatt med GPS (MTK3339/PA6H) från Adafruit för montering på Raspberry Pi. Använd den som väldigt exakt klocka i något klockprojekt, bygg en tracker för din drönare eller använd positionsdata helt enkelt för att komma ihåg vart du lade din Pi Built around the Raspberry Pi Model 3 the Nomadic Pi is an Open Source car computer. The Nomadic Pi can be built with off the shelf consumer grade hardware and is easily extendable to match the exact needs of the user. Dreamt up during the planning stage of a trip around Australia. A long trip was going to need a lot of music Today in this project we will Interface GPS module with Raspberry Pi 3. The goal of this project is to collect location data (longitude and latitude) via UART from a GPS module and display them on a 16x2 LCD , so if you are not familiar with the way the 16x2 LCD works with the Raspberry Pi , this is another great opportunity to learn

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V2.0 Change List. It is equipped with one group of electronic brick interface it leads all Raspberry Pi B+ pins it leads serial interface & IIC por The module had been sat in a drawer for at least five years and I decided to see if I could get it working with the Raspberry Pi. Surprisingly I didn't need to charge it as five years later it still powered up fine. It uses what at the time was a standard Nokia phone battery. This is the hardware I used : Holux GPSlim236 Bluetooth GPS Modul NEW FOR 2020 Now with RAW Output & Hardware RTC . The Uputronics Raspberry Pi GPS/RTC Expansion Board provides a modern multi GNSS GPS receiver and hardware RTC with quick no soldering required connection to all Raspberry Pi boards with the 2×20 header (the original Pi Model A/B are not supported) Overview. Raspberry PI GPS Add-on V2.0 is customized for Raspberry Pi interface based on NEO-6 GPS module. Through the serial port on Raspberry Pi, data returned from NEO-6 module can be received, thus information such as the current location and time can be searched I'm trying to implement a sample script that adafruit provides for one of their gps units designed for raspberry pi. The code is as follows: ===== import gps # Listen on port 29..

Video: Using python with a GPS receiver on a Raspberry Pi

Make a Realtime GPS Tracker device with Raspberry Pi

Most GPS modules communicate with the Raspberry Pi via a simple serial connection. They send strings that contain GPS data and other status messages. These strings are called NMEA sentences. You can access those commands by directly reading the serial port that the GPS module is connected to by typing I got a GPS antenna USB connector to do this and there is a dearth of information on how to have the Raspberry Pi, use that GPS information to determine the Antenna position for MLAT etc. I wanted to put the Raspberry Pi at the mast heard, with the GPS antenna mounted as close as possible to the antenna

Make a GPS Navigation System for a Boat with a Raspberry Pi

Previously I built a project where I connected a Neo-6M to an Arduino, but this time around, I wanted to show how to use a GPS with the Raspberry PI.Now there are several USB solutions, and apps that work with them, but I wanted to show how to use a $20 GPS module with a a serial UART, and Python code to decode the NMEA strings Small USB GPS module for Raspberry Pi. Use the USB GPS module to know location and for time synchronization on your Raspberry Pi. If the product is in stock: shipment within 1-2 weekdays He expanded his build last year to track up to eight satellites, and this month added a Raspberry Pi for a 12-channel, battery-powered homebrew GPS receiver that has an accuracy of about 3 feet The shield can be used easily via NMEA GPS Commands. Features. Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi models that have the 40-pin GPIO header (3, 2, B+, A+, Zero) Can be used standalone with PC/Laptop and other electronics over micro USB, without stacking with Raspberry Pi thanks to USB-UART translator chip on the shield

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